Friday, 17 August 2012

Debora Caprioglio Actress Profile and Pictures

She born in Mestre, Veneto, Italy areas in 1968,May month, Hollywood film city in known hotest actress her look is very hot and beauty "Paprika" film in she looked beautiful look of Debora Caprioglio wasn’t able to appear on an extra film for 2 years. 
In those times a lot more Italian stars have improved to popularity. She did manage to grab small capabilities for various movies in Italy, but she came out to have disappeared from the actual spotlight by 1996.  It too caused an immediate outrage just for this was near to hot, that's a real prohibited in those days. Deborah Caprioglio didn't quickly give up her newly found career even so, and she then created an look this era on a soft-primary movie, Paprika. his nickname is  "Debora Kinski" this name only called in family member. height is 5'5
Popular Movies list of Debora Caprioglio
  • Albergo Roma in 1996
  • STORIE d'AMORE con 1 crampi in 1995 
  • Spiando Marina in 1992
  • Saint tropez saint Tropez - 1992
  • Paprika - 1991
  • LA Maschera Del Demonio 1989
  • kINSKI - Paganini 1989 
  • I Grand Cacciatori 1989
 Debora Caprioglio Television Programs List 
  • LA XVI EPISTOLA ( 1996 to 1997 ) 
  • NON Lasciamoci PIU ( 1998 ) 
  • NON Lasciamoci PIU ( 1999) 
  • Posso Chimart Amore ( 2005)
  • Provaci Ancora Prof
  • Buona Domenica ( 2003-2005)
  • Ricomincio DA ME ( 2004 )
  • Crimni (2007)
Extra Debora Caprioglio Programs 
  • Video Showreel
  • Sfondi Per Desktop
  • Foto Claudio Porocarelli
  • IL Sogno Di Lisistrata